Oversize consignment

nadrozmerna preprava zasielky cechtradeIs your consignment too big, too high, or too heavy to be transported by a standard truck? We will find the right solutions and the right way for such oversize goods. The whole process of the project begins in the production and logistics itself as well as in the storage of oversize goods, etc. Therefore, we will be delighted if you entrust us the task, and if you let our professionals guide you by their expert advice in order to complete the shipment process successfully.

Combined transport

kombinovana preprava zasielky cechtradeIt is possible to carry out the shipment by combination of road transport by truck and water or air transport. The method of combined transport makes use of the so-called containers - standardized dimensions of 20´ or 40´ containers where goods are transported mainly from Asia and America. We can offer the most efficient way of export and import from ports in Germany - Bremerhaven, Hamburg, in Slovenia - Koper, in Croatia - Rijeka, in Italy – Trieste. We bring you the option of FCL - full capacity of the container or LCL - partial capacity of the container / loading /.
Combined transport is particularly suitable for products where transit time is not the most important condition. If you wish to choose as environmentally friendly transport as possible, we are here to propose suitable solutions.

Air Freight & Sea Freight

namorna preprava zasielky cechtradeCECHTRADE also provides services in the field of air and sea transport in cooperation with our partners. We are not preferentially tied to ports or consolidation centres, which is the reason why we can offer you a tailor-made solution. If you need help with your letter of credit, call us. We can provide you with LCL as FCL.