The major activity of the company consists in providing transport and forwarding services in road freight transport within the territory of Europe and Asia. We can meet any request for transport worldwide by means of combined transport. Among other things, the company offers warehousing, logistics and consulting services as well as trainings based on Industry 4.0.



We aim at meeting your requirements


We are a 100% customer-oriented company. We are coming to you as partners able to effectively set up transport and logistics solutions for your company. We cooperate with certified partners all over the world. We have deep knowledge of domestic and foreign markets. We speak languages - English, German, Polish, Spain, Russian and we thus have no problem communicating your requirements at a high professional level. We are flexible, responsible, and we are constantly seeking to improve the services we provide.

The company CECHTRADE has been performing its activities in the field of transport since 2012 and during the time, we have been facing the challenge to meet our ambitious goals and to move forward in the spirit of cooperation and partnership. Our regular and satisfied customers as well as our new customers coming with innovative projects contribute to our professional growth. Finally, we have regular trainings where we acquire new information and we are thus ready to solve any of your tasks efficiently.